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Textilimpex Great Anniversary!

70 years on the market – only few can celebrate such an achievement

Textilimpex is one of these companies. Only 4 years after the Second World War, in 1949, the then the Minister for Industry and Trade founded a commercial enterprise called „TEXTILIMPORT” and the same year Minister for Foreign Trade founded a state company „CETEBE”. It was the beginning of Textilimpex. The success of this enterprise in the textile city of Lodz was obvious at that time.


For over 70 years Textilimpex faced many revolutions, from prosperity to lower economy. During its best time the company employed several thousand people. Nowadays, we employ approximately 50 people but we are still a leader in our sector. – The company is engaged in export, import and distribution of a wide range of textile articles, chemical raw materials – says Mariusz Koziński, Chairman of the company.

Textilimpex rents office and warehouse space.  Nevertheless, we have new goals ahead. The ambition of the Chairman- Mariusz Koziński, is to enter into the new markets, find new clients and to strengthen the company’s position.

On the 6th of December in the Museum of Textiles Textilimpex celebrated its 70th Anniversary. Alicja Majewska and Włodzimierz Korcz with a string quartet brightened the celebration.

An interview with Mariusz Koziński, Chairman of Textilimpex.

What objectives do you set for the company?

 – Textilmpex is a traditional company. Being a state-owned company gives increased credibility. I would like to lean upon these advantages because they differ us from our competition.  One of our objectives is to strengthen the brand recognition what will lead to increase in sales and better financial results.

How do you see the company’s viability?

 – It can always be better. The textile market changes. We have to adjust to the client and look for more opportunities. One of our objective is to find new paths and strengthen those that already exist. Textilimpex has been one the market for 70 years and many similar companies disappeared.

Which fields of the company are most likely to develop?

 – I believe that both textile and chemical industry have a big potential. We have our warehouses what facilitates us trade and we also rent space that ensures us a stable income.

We work on a strategy and one of its elements is to work on the commercial department. We hope to obtain external funds and start cooperation with other entities. There are many ideas and now we have to implement them into life.

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